Therapeutic Expertise

Therapeutic Expertise

Our Expertise

We assist in binding clinical and biometric aspects of clinical trials to ensure clinical accuracy and integrity of trial data. With us specializing on biometrics services alone, we are well positioned to provide focused and responsive services resulting in timely and quality outputs to our customers. We have experience in various phases of clinical trials and wide therapeutic areas.
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    Over the last 4 years Clinnex has worked in number of different indications advanced renal cancer, Breast cancer, Leukemia etc. Oncology is one of the leading therapeutic areas of Clinnex with more than 60% of studies delivered under this area.

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    Clinnex has worked for multiple studies in this area covering indication diabetes for both healthy volunteer as well as patient studies.

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    Clinnex has supported many studies under this area where mainly biometric services were provided for Alzheimer’s, infectious diseases etc.

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    Clinnex has worked on variety of indications under pulmonary area including rhinitis, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease.

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    Clinnex has worked on different indications in the cardiovascular area including coronary heart disease and heart failure.

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    Clinnex has worked for different indications under ophthalmology including medical devices, macular degeneration where we are familiar with key end-points intraocular pressure, color vision scales and quality of life.

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    Clinnex has worked on various gynecology studies for ovulation and have successfully worked on during various phases of clinical trial.

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    Clinnex has worked on many studies under Rheumatology covering indications rheumatoid arthritis for local submissions.

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    Clinnex has supported few studies under urology including kidney diseases, benign which were a part of

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    Clinnex has worked in a number of studies in the indications dermatitis, psoriasis and atopic eczema.

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Qualified & Experienced Team

You can count on our qualified & experienced team to excel in all aspects of your deliverables.

Market Validated Systems

You can access our industry recognized and market validated systems, ensuring security and accountability.

Understanding of Regulatory Requirements and Standards

You can trust on our thorough understanding of regulatory requirements and standards that have been embedded in our procedures

Competitive Pricing

You can leverage our competitive pricing model through our optimized productivity.

Flexible and Customer Centric Approach

You can rely on our flexible and customer centric approach to meet your changing project needs.

We offer highly specialised clinical research services.

Apart from our main line of services, we are open to discussion on proposals for customized services for our clients.